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Yesterday we said Josh Groban dined at Buddakan (325 Chestnut) Thursday while here for his Wells Fargo Center show.The singer, who also toured the Mutter Museum, actually dined at Morimoto (723 Chestnut).The actual certificate must be obtained from the county recorder of record.Records Available: Divorce Records Department of State Health Svcs Bureau of Vital Statistics PO Box 12040Austin, TX 78711-2040Phone: 512-758-7366Fax: 512-758-7711Website Business Hours: 8AM-5PMRecord Access Requirements: This agency will only supply a verification.“The Missing Piece: The Truth about the Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa,” includes an interview with Peruggia’s 84-year-old daughter, Celestina.

However, the Vital Records Division does not maintain copies of these Texas vital records; the Division searches its indexes and provides verification letters only, with name, date, county and file number; the verification letters cover marriages for 1966-2005 only and divorces for 1968-2006 only.Records Available: Criminal Records DPS - Access & Dissemination Bureau Crime Records Service PO Box 15999Austin, TX 78761-5999Phone: 512-424-2474Fax: 512-424-5011Website Business Hours: 8AM-5PMRecord Access Requirements: To obtain ALL arrest information (conviction and non-conviction), must have a signed release and full set of fingerprints from the person of record.Search Note: To obtain conviction and deferred adjudication data only, submit full name, sex, race, and DOB. No letter of authorization is needed for the conviction only report.Texas marriage records are under the jurisdiction of the county clerk where the marriage license was issued, while Texas divorce records are under the jurisdiction of the clerk of the appropriate district court; these offices must be contacted for copies.Marriage records prior to 1836 are found only in church record books, but there are books with marriage information for 1824-1850.

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