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Ultimately, it was Spencer who revealed what really happened.Remember when Emily punched Sara in the face at Radley?

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Bellows is the only word that seems appropriate, so here goes: “Get out! Aria thought she was excluded from this command, but Ezra threw her out too, strongly implying that while he’s not upset about Charlotte’s death, he also wasn’t responsible for it. How emotional was it when Spencer said she didn’t know if Caleb felt the same way and Hanna took a deep breath and calmly said “well, then I think you should find out.” This conversation was made possible in part by Melissa Hastings, another blast from the past, who was in town to help her mother’s campaign.

Back when Radley was a sanitarium and not a swanky hotel and bar? Before we get to Ezra, let’s talk a bit about who wasn’t at the spa: Aria.

Apparently, Sara tried to get up and latched onto live wires. Aria’s been laser-focused on getting Ezra to relinquish the chapters of his second novel.

As soon as Melissa saw Spencer and Caleb together, she called her sister out on trying to hide her feelings.

Being Melissa, she also couldn’t help work in a dig.

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