Street dating alex

Embarrassed by his circumstances and tired of Frank accusing him of being idle, Ken decided to seek out a better life in London, but a chat with Christine Hardman at the train station changed his mind.A few days later, he got a teaching job at Bessie Street School.At fifteen, he had his first sexual encounter, with fellow pupil Margery Whithers.

Unlike most of his peers, Ken passed his eleven plus exam and entered grammar school.

The 1970s saw Ken struggle to find a new path in life as he left the teaching profession and took on variety of jobs, working as a taxi driver, Community Development Officer and Editor of the free newspaper Weatherfield Recorder during this period.

In 1973 he married Janet Reid, but the couple separated after only a few months.

They had a strong bond despite an age difference of more than ten years but Ken's view of a comfortable, stable family life bored Deirdre and in 1983 she had an affair with Mike Baldwin.

Ken forgave Deirdre and their marriage was saved but for Ken and Mike this triggered a twenty year feud.

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