Validating drop down lists in javascript

If even one item is not filled out properly the remaining fields will not be evaluated.Remove the And your right it does...thank you so much, I got thrown off because when I edited the script from a differnt one I have used before for a simpler form, i left out an didn't work..I assumed I needed elses everywhere but now it kind of makes sense.

This code seems quite messy, I was wondering if anyone would like to attempt to refactor this. Generally trying to get information from a text that is intended for the user to read is a bad thing, since it can change at any time, e.g.By default the caption for that list is the first item.For example if you’re asking a user to select a country the first option is “Select a country” and the name of the countries follow so we need to check if the first option is selected and then display a message to select an option.My objective was to alert a user when he or she makes a selection(s) (and/or non-selection) from a multiple drop-down select box where the choices are inputted into an array, as well as for a multiple list selection box where the choices are also placed into an array.I wanted to validate their selection to alert them if they forgot to select one of the values, or if they selected the "Other" choice from the select list but forgot to type the "Other" value in the provided text input field.

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